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The ADHD Label and How WMB Can Help!

Martial Arts for ADHD Miami WMB ADHD training program

It begins with a simple daily report stating that your child was not on his best behavior that day. From that point on, teachers begin to label your child as a “problem child” and begin to treat them differently. It happens all to often and the teachers themselves do not realize that they are punishing your little one unfairly and treating them differently because the school system is are already biased by this perceived behavior. It is now time for the conference with the teacher, counselor, and principle who all suggest that you have your child tested for ADHD. What?

This happens to be the most common mental disorder to develop in children. Symptoms include difficulty staying focused and paying attention, difficulty controlling behavior, and hyperactivity (over-activity). As a concerned parent, you listen to the advice of the masses of people telling you that your child has a problem and because they are ill equipped to deal with it; you agree to consult a doctor. Of course the doctor sees a medical need to put your child on a drug that would help them focus and regulate this chemical unbalance. They never consider therapy first because they don’t get paid on that kind of rehabilitation. The answer is always to prescribe drugs! Something they can make money on. Sounds familiar?

The public school system doesn’t know how to channel the energy of a child outside of their cookie cutter ideas. It’s amazing however that these “bad kids” thrive in our martial arts classes because they are given responsibility, regiments, and positive rewards. Studies show that a complex physical activity combined with a well planned thought process and reward-based system, like martial arts, strengthens neural networks in the brain, and enables ADD/ADHD kids to practice self-control. Movement helps them develop coordination while building strength both physically and mentally. Common threads within cases of ADHD cases are underdeveloped self control and concentration. Martial arts, with its complexed movements, rhythm, complexity, discipline, responsibility, and cognitive thought process, addresses all these areas.

Martial Arts for ADHD Miami WMB ADHD training program

What the doctors and school system don’t tell you is that these kids can learn. ADHD makes up about 1/3 of the Forbes millionaire list. ADHD candidates don’t have trouble paying attention; they have trouble paying attention to certain things! It is our job as educators, in many respects, to challenge them versus throwing our hands in the air and giving up or sending them to the doctors who have a vested interest in giving them the modern day oxycodone for kids. Forget about medication that will make you almost not recognize your child; focus on martial arts. At MIAMI WMB Martial Arts Academy; we have seen what a good martial arts program can do for children within this spectrum as we have been very successful for these kids!

For more information on how martial arts can help your child who has been labeled as ADHD; call us at (305)971-3435.

If you are in the Homestead FL, Kendall FL, or South Miami FL area please visit us at our headquarters: 16300 sw 137th Miami FL 33177 Suite 128

We would be happy to speak to you further about your child and how a good martial arts program can help!


Miami WMB Training Center Martial Arts Program

Content created by Javill Byron, 2nd degree Black Belt; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His goal is to ensure that others can help themselves by teaching the knowledge he has acquired over the years. For more information about Javill Byron please visit:

Written by: Javill Byron and

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