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Why settle for a summer camp when you can have a summer curriculum!

Does your child have S.T.E.M.M.A.™ ?

While most summer programs are satisfied with simply letting a child wander at a park aimlessly without a clearly defined curriculum or plan, the WMB SUMMER EDUCATIONAL CAMP strives for more. With our trademarked S.T.E.M.M.A.™ program for kids which stands for SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, MATH and MARTIAL ARTS; we help children bridge the summer educational gap. Weekly, your child will do fun activities designed to mimic an educational curriculum focused on key areas of the S.T.E.M.M.A.™ Program. We won't let you simply settle for a summer camp; we provide a summer curriculum keeping their young minds sharp for the following school year. What will your child be doing this summer?

Written by: Javill Byron and

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