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Military Personnel and Martial Arts Project

Martial Arts

Many martial arts studios are either veteran-owned or have ex-soldier trainers. It’s become so common, that we’ve stopped questioning why this is the case. But really, let’s take a minute to think about it and ask the question. Why do retired military personnel flock towards martial arts studios and academies?

The Discipline Military life and the martial arts and jiu-jitsu credo are almost the same. A disciplined lifestyle has to be followed; uniforms, obeying your superior teacher/officer, working as a community and the importance of physical training. Usually, it’s a continuation of a way of life for the military personnel, and the only difference is that it’s all happening in a studio/academy, and not on the field.

They Know Its Importance Martial arts is a great way for military personnel with PTSD, sleep disorders, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders to improve their quality of life. Many veterans and personnel return home with catastrophic experiences, and since exercise is one of the most recommended psychiatric coping mechanisms, investing in a martial arts academy is a great idea – especially to help fellow veterans.

Keeping Alert and Busy The military woman/man has known physical strength and action all his/her life. Always staying fit, following an exercise routine, and staying in the best shape possible. A military academy is a great place to help them keep their skills sharp and their minds alert. All the years spent training for the battlefield, and all their physical combat will be rehearsed by working at a martial arts academy. In other words, their training won’t become obsolete.

Great Instructors Because of their experience of the military hierarchy, veterans and military personnel alike make great instructors. Martial arts works on a hierarchical system. An instructor dictates the training, and seniority and progress are awarded via colored belts. A military veteran will be able to recognize this as similar to the military badges and ranks, making them one of the best types of people to teach martial arts.

Coping with Trauma A lot of former military personnel suffer trauma while on the battlefield. This trauma can include things like loss of limbs or bodily functions and fear related problems. All of this makes it difficult for them to habituate back into normal life. Martial arts is a way to mentally strengthen such individuals, while at the same time giving them the ability to protect themselves using effective self-defense techniques. Such individuals can also feel a loss of control. Martial arts is a great way to challenge their strength into calculated physical movements instead of impulsive ones which could harm someone unnecessarily.

If you’re looking for some professionally taught martial arts, mixed martial arts and jiu-jitsu classes, check out WMB Martial Arts Miami. Certified black belt instructors are pros at conducting sessions for children and adults of all ages and capabilities.


The content of the page was written by JAVILL BYRON. Javill Byron Is a self defense expert both with physical martial arts and firearms. Javill Byron is a recognized entrepreneur and philanthropist and loves his country and community.

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