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How to talk about bullying!

Do dad’s deal with bullying more macho and less sensitive ? Do moms deal with bullying more sensitive and less direct ?


When speaking about this touchy subject; let me first say that we will only refer to the kids as child being bullied and child doing the bullying so that we are not labeling them by calling them a bully or a victim.

First; we all have a role to play in a bully situation. We can’t and should not brush it off as kids just playing or the society is getting soft or any of the other excuses that let this go on and on for far too long and eventually causing psychological pain.

Parents , educators, and adults have a role to play in helping to get the conversation started about bullying. We have the responsibility to ensure that kids understand that it’s okay to talk about it; that they are not in this alone, how to stand up for themselves safely and responsibly depending on their individual role in the event and keeping the lines of communication open.

Kids who know what bullying is can better identify it. Teach them , discuss it with them , and make sure they understand by actively listening and confirming. Talk to them about strategies for staying safe such as staying near adults, groups or another group of trusted kids. There are numerous other strategies you can learn especially at a Bully Prevention Miami approved training center like WMB MARTIAL ARTS.

Research shows us that many people being bullied look to parents and caregivers for advice on making the tough decision on how to deal with it. WMB MARTIAL ARTS recommends spending 15 minutes daily with your child asking questions about their day and constantly reassuring them that they can speak to you. Parents don’t realize that sometimes a child will not defend themselves because they are unsure if they will get in trouble with their parents.

Start conversations about their daily life like: “what was one good thing that happened today?” “Anything bad ?” “What is lunch time at your school like?” Questions like these can open the door to a healthy relationship for future conversations.

Moms and Dads- it is not kids being kids if it makes your little one feel bad. Do not simply say, “hit him back!” An eye for an eye is NOT the proper way to handle a child being bullied or the child doing the bullying. Avoid trying to fight battles for your child by confronting the child doing the bullying. Avoid taking them to the back yard and showing them the Bruce Lee moves you learned when you were a child. Work on a systematic approach with the WMB MARTIAL ARTS 9 step Bully Basics Package.

Here is a hint; they have already done step 2 by telling a trusted adult: YOU! Don’t let them down.

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Javill Byron is a philanthropist and entrepreneur with heavy interest in the community as he advocates for confidence, discipline and respect as it pertains to martial arts. Javill Byron focuses his effort of helping those who struggle with ADD, ADHD, and Autism.

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